Writings in English


“Mexico City Today”

a chapter in the book “Mexico City & The Best of Mexico”

TimeOut, London, 2009

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México as a huge US American wall to fend off the Central American migrants. Written with Vivienne Stanton (photos by Vivienne). Published in LS magazine. Click here to read the English version




An adventure by New Mexico, Colorado, Utah and Texas. With Vivienne Stanton. Published in National Geographic Traveler Latinoamérica (English language translation). Click here to read it.



Madness compensation in Israel (August 2010)

An aggrieved Palestinian: “It’s easy to destroy life but very difficult to build it.” (August 2010)

Mexico: Killing a journalist near you (August 2010)

Who will speak up for Israeli citizens’ right to free speech (August 2010)

My second round-the-world trip ends (July 2010)

Norman Finkelstein: The Holocaust card and the crimes against Palestinians (June 2010)

The Flotilla Debate (June 2010)

Iran sentences journalist to 13 years and 74 lashes (May 2010)

My new book: “The Green Wave. Chronicle of Iran’s Spontaneous Revolution“. (May 2010)

Using and abusing Che Guevara (April 2010)

Türks stand up for the Armenians (April 2010)

Palestinian Demonstration at Bil’in (West Bank) (April 2010)

Israeli justice in the occupied territories (April

The brave sky killers: a shocking new video on a U.S. helicopter massacre in Iraq (April 2010)

God, Truth and Religion: against the institutional control of faith (March 2010)

A year on the road and a birthyear with the Sun (March 2010)

A year on the road (March 2010)

Congo: Gorillas, volcanoes and eclipse (January 2010)

“Allahu Akbar!” Poetry from Tehran’s  rooftops (September 2009)

Jiayuguan and Dunhuang: A heavenly horse (April 2009)

Buddha, lend me a tongue! (April 2009)

Return to the great city of Chang’An (March 2009)

Asia-Africa 2009-2010: On the Silk Road (February 2009)

I won the 4th Eurostars Travel Narrative Award) (October 2009)